Common services

The common services of the university are :
  • The Center of Intensive Language Learning
  • Center of Information and Communication Systems, Distance Learning and Networks,
  • Printing and audio-visual center.

1. The Intensive Language Learning Center

The Centre for Intensive Language Education (CEIL) is responsible for:
  • To provide language teaching to remedy the failure rate observed among first-year higher education students, which is a primary mission for the CEIL.
  • To provide technological support for foreign language learning and retraining courses for teachers, students and individuals, especially those not specialized in these languages, in order to meet their research needs.
  • Ensure proper operation and maintenance of specialized language teaching equipment.
  • To register training activities on behalf of economic sectors in order to provide short-term foreign language training for remuneration.
  • To open a university space for adults wishing to learn and improve in a language either for scientific, professional, or simple taste purposes.

It has the following sections:
  • programming section,
  • service and maintenance section.

Contact :
Mr MESBAH Abdelhak, CEIL Manager
Fax/Tel : 024 79 57 65
Mail :
Site Web:
Adress : Centre d'Enseignement Intensif de Langues, Université M'Hamed Bougara de Boumerdes, Avenue de l'independance, 35000, Boumerdes Algérie

2. The Center of Information and Communication Systems and Networks, e-learning .

The CRSIC was created in April 2007 according of Article 16 /Decree N°04 April 2004. It was set up by UMBB in April 2008 on the directives of the DSRIC of MESRS.
CRSIC is located at the University Library of UMBB, its main objective is to adapt and promote the use of new technologies for the dissemination of information and the education system at UMBB. It includes five services:
  • E-learning
  • Network
  • Information and communication system
  • Digitalization
  • Audiovisual

It has the following sections:
  • Systems Section ;
  • Networks Section ;
  • e-learning Section
Contact :
Mr Salim Grabessi, CRSIC Manager
Fax/Tel : 024 79 58 87
Mail :
Site Web:
Adress : Centre des Réseaux et Systèmes d'Information et de Communication, Bibliothèque Centrale, Université M'HAMED BOUGARA de Boumerdès, Avenue de l'indépendance, Boumerdès 35000 – Algeria