The Central Library

The Central Library

The UMBB central library is located halfway between the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (formerly INELEC) and the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP). It was inaugurated by the President of the Republic in October 2004. The Library aims to offer its users: students and faculty researchers of M'Hamed Bougara University where others, the best conditions of study and research in a quiet and pleasant environment.
The library is also an open space for national and international scientific, technical and cultural conferences and for any activity contributing to the development of learning and scientific research at UMBB.

The central library is one of the structures of the university. It is governed by the provisions of Decree No. 03-279 of 23 August 2003 defining the missions and special rules of operation and organization of the university, in particular Articles 25 and 31.
The Central Library of the university is under the responsibility of a manager who is responsible for the operation and management of the structures under his authority.


  • The missions of the central library are mentioned in the inter-ministerial decree of 24 August 2004 establishing the administrative organization of the Rectorate, the faculty, the institute, the university annex and its common services (section 3 article 21);
  • Propose, in coordination with the faculties and institutes libraries, programmes for the acquisition of books and university documentation
  • Maintain the theses and post-graduation memories file
  • Organize the documentary collection of the central library by the use of the most modern methods of treatment and classification
  • Assist the heads of faculty libraries and institutes in the management of the structures placed under their authority
  • Maintain the central library’s documentary holdings and constantly update its inventory
  • Establish the appropriate conditions for the use of the documentary fund by students and teachers
  • Assist teachers and students in their bibliographic research.

The central library includes 04 services
    It is responsible for the process of purchasing and acquiring all kinds of documents such as books, periodicals, official journals and all content related to documentary production that meet the needs of users.
    This service is responsible for indexing, classifying and cataloging all types of documents and preparing databases related to the library’s documentary balance, using the standardized system for managing libraries with the Syngeb Network link.
    This service assists and trains readers on information retrieval methods, through the library’s automatic and documentary indexes, and registers them in the national online documentation system
    Which is the public service of the library, in which are performed the processes of registration of affiliates with their different levels, as well as the process of loan with its two types, the updating of all kinds of summaries, the training of users, and inquire about the classification and organization of library spaces from document stores, reading rooms and Internet rooms, as well as the possibility of access to the library’s various services.

  • Automatic bibliographic search
  • Access to catalogues
  • Internal and external loan
  • Access to electronic resources.
  • Access to Open Archives (university scientific production)
  • Library User Training
  • Guided tours to various services
  • Selective dissemination of information;
  • Request for remote scientific articles
  • Internet access (WIFI available)
  • Access to individual spaces
  • Access to individual spaces
  • Organization of scientific and cultural events.
  • Access to interactive library services on the BU website

  • Surface area : 3384 M2
  • Capacity 1000 seats spread on:
  • 04 reading rooms
  • 01 reading space
  • 01 storage space in the underground
  • 01 Conference Hall
  • 01 E-learning Class Room

  • Number of titles :46902
  • Number of copies : 136401
  • Number of titles in Arabic : 15979
  • Number of titles in English : 4615
  • Number of titles in French : 26207

  • Sunday to Thursday: from 8am to 10pm
  • Saturday: from 9 am to 4 pm
  • Daily opening time (hour): 14 H
  • Weekly opening time (hour): 77 H

• CB Bibliographic Catalogue :
• Boumerdes University Library Collective Catalogue :
• Boumerdes University Institutional Depository :
• SNDL (National Online Documentation System) :
• PNST (National Thesis Reporting Portal) :
• PDOC (Algerian Documentary Platform) :
• ASJP: electronic publishing platform of Algerian scientific journals
• Web reviews: Lists Algerian journals.
• CCDZ: Algerian Collective Catalogue, gathering all the documentary collections of libraries in the higher education field.
• Biblio Univ: Portal of University Libraries and and Research Centers

Adress : Central Library of the University of Boumerdès, Avenue de l'indépendance, Boumerdès 35000 – Algeria
Tel : 024 79 57 47 Fax : 024 79 47 48
Facebook :
Mr. Fateh BOUZAOUIA, Director of the Central Library :
Ms. Mekiri Souhila, Head of Bibliographic Research Department
Miss Zirame Bahia, Head of Orientation Service :
Ms Mouloudi Wahiba, Head of Treatment Service :
Ms Bellouti Wahiba, Head of Acquisition Service :

Other services are also available :
1. Online Registration :
2. Online document booking :
3. Selective Information Diffusion (ISD):
4. Requesting a scientific article :
5. Asking a Librarian :

6. Proposing a book :
7. Online Services Training :
8. Creation of a researcher profile on Google Scholar Quotes :
9. Submission of theses and access to the National Thesis Reporting Portal :