Communication Unit


The objective of the UMBB communication unit is to promote and inform internally and externally, all the activities of the university and to ensure the dissemination of information to administrative staff, teachers, students and anyone wishing to have information from UMBB.
It was established in November 2013 under the authority of the Vice-Rector of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and Scientific Events.
In order to fulfill its missions, the communication unit concentrates its efforts on communication: written, web, university graphics.
The main activities of the communication unit :

Communication & press/ media

Dissemination of information through press and media
The communications unit manages the UMBB’s relations with the press and the media, and is responsible for:
  • Organization of meetings with the press.
  • Organization of press conferences.
  • Drafting of press releases and press kits.
  • Maintain the press and media database.
  • Edition of the press review.
  • Ensuring coverage of events, demonstrations and institutional ceremonies.

Communication & Web

Dissemination of information via the website
The communication unit runs the UMBB website and is responsible for:
  • Contribution to the updating and animation of the contents of the website in particular by editing news or any other type of presentation
  • Ensures that the information on the central pages of the website is regularly updated.
Dissemination of information through various digital media and social networks
  • Newsletter : Production and distribution of the newsletter to all staff, which is the main means of internal communication.
  • Mailing : Respond to information needs by email..
  • Social networks : Social networks are a strategic communication tool, the university’s presence on some social networks the university, develop its image and be in continuous contact not only with prospective students or students already registered but also with any other external person.

Audiovisual Communication & Visual Identity

Dissemination of information via paper and audiovisual media
The communication unit manages the relations of the UMBB with the press and the media, it is responsible for:
  • The communication unit is responsible for the development and compliance with the university's graphic charter. Its purpose is to promote the image and identity of UMBB through the design and graphic production of printed and web communication media: magazines, flyers, posters, leaflets, university newspaper, etc. and without forgetting also the management of audiovisual media and reports (video, photo).