National cooperation

Partnership with the socio-economic sector

Every year, partnership agreements are signed in order to strengthen the links that exist between M'hamed Bougara University in Boumerdes and the socio-economic sector through concrete actions. It is not a question of bringing the partner a little added value, but of creating shared value together. That is the challenge that the university is committed to meeting.


ABB ALGERIE - Asea Brown Boveri, Spa
National Agency for Studies and Monitoring the Implementation of Railway Investments "ANESRIF"
National Employment Agency "ANEM"
National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship "ANADE"
National Agency for the Exploitation of Research and Technological Development Results "ANVREDET"
National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalization of Energy Use "APRUE"
"National Agency for the Valorization of Hydrocarbon Resources " ALNAFT"
ATM Mobilis
Reghaia Cynegetic Center "CCR"
Center for Studies and Technological Services of the Construction Materials Industry "CETIM"
Sidi Mahdi Touggourt Agricultural Training and Extension Center "CFVA"
Center for Research and Development of Electricity and Gas "CREDEG"
Center for Scientific and Technical Research in Physico-Chemical Analysis "CRAPC"
National Seed and Plant Certification and Control Center "CNCC"
National Center for Technology and Consulting "CNTC"
Center for Research in Industrial Technologies "CRTI"
Department of Culture and Arts of the Wilaya of Boumerdès "DCWB"
Department of Fisheries and Fishery Resources
Directorate of Small and Medium Enterprise Industry and Investment Promotion
Mujahideen Directorate
Directorate of Agricultural Services of the Wilaya of Boumerdès "DSAWB"
EURL Electronics Testing Center "ETC"
National Drilling Company "ENAFOR"
National Geophysical Company "ENAGEO"
National Refining Company "NAFTEC"
National Well Works Company "ENTP"
The Cement Industrial Group of Algeria "GICA"
National Well Services Company "ENSP"
Saidal Group "SAIDAL"
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Sahel "CCI Sahel"
The Aquafishing and Agroforestry Commission of the Business Leaders Forum (CAPAF of the FCE)
EPE / Divindus Furniture and Metal Construction / spa
The Atomic Energy Commission – COMENA
The Textiles and Leather Industrial Group GETEX – Spa
The Office of the High Commissioner for Development of the HCDS
National Office for Geological & Mining Research, Spa "ORGM"
National Company of Electricity and Gas "SONELGAZ"
Sonatrach-Upstream Activity (SH)
Sonatrach-Pipeline Transport Branch (TRC-SH)
Sonatrach spa Hydra (SONATRACH SPA)
Spa ORFEE Subsidiary of the BCR Group (Spa ORFEE BCR)
Silicon Technology Development Unit "UDTS"
Professional Union of the Automotive and Mechanical Industry "UPIAM"